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Lecture: Retail Competition and Product Variety Decisions

Date:2018-04-16 | Source: | Author: | Page view:
Theme:Retail Competition and Product Variety Decisions
Lecturer:  Wan Xiang , Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University
Date and Time:10:00 AM, Friday, April 20, 2018
Venue::Hexi Campus Main Building First Meeting Room
We examine how retailers make product variety decisions when facing competition. Results are estimated using order records from 10,620 retailers supplied by a distributor of consumer packaged goods. Our results show that competition affects product variety at retailers. However, the response to competition may not always be increases in product variety. These impacts vary across retail types. Within- and Across-Type competitions have different influences on product variety. Our results suggest that, when make product variety decisions, firms need to consider intense of competition (the number of competitors) as well as types of competition (competitor types).