Tianjin Food Safety & Low Carbon Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Center

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 Tianjin Food Safety & low carbon manufacturing collaborative innovation center was founded by Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST), Beijing Technology and Business University, Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment and other 18 units in March 2013. It was approved by the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission in March 2014.

The development goal of the center is focus on safety assurance, energy conservation and emission reduction, that surrounding food safety control and low-carbon manufacturing major issues in Tianjin. Through the reform and innovation in the many aspects including center management and operation, personnel appointment and appraisal, joint training of postgraduates, sharing of scientific and technological resources and achievements, international exchanges and cooperation, cultural communication; the center is aimed to realize the collaborative innovation on five major parts of organizational management, team building, personnel training, scientific research and resources sharing and communication, to establish scientific academies led collaborative innovation model, to enhance the vitality of continuous innovation, and thus achieving the major theoretical and technological breakthrough on major food safety control and low-carbon manufacturing key technology and applied research field. The center has been establishing an academic team with international competitiveness in the frontier field of food safety control and low-carbon manufacturing to make the center become a world-class academic innovation height and an innovatively high-level talent training base in food safety control and low-carbon manufacturing field.

The effective collaborative innovation prompts the development of serial key technologies of food safety control and low-carbon manufacturing with completely independent intellectual property rights to achieve the formation of a number of landmark results. The combination of production and research, and social multi-level cooperation, improve food quality and safety level in Tianjin and circum-Bohai-sea region. By these ways, the center has increasingly become an irreplaceable important innovation base to support and lead the food safety control and low carbon manufacturing in Tianjin.