International Junct Research Center for Green Food Processing

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 To promote the food industry in Tianjin and Bohai Rim, especially on green, energy-saving and efficient high-tech research and development and on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced research results and technology, the international consortium on green food processing was founded in August 2013 by Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Australian Charles Sturt University, AINIA Center of the National Technology Innovation Alliance of Spain, University of Technology of Compiegne, Animal, Food and Health Center of Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations of the Australian Federation and relevant organizations. This consortium was set up to promote the international cooperation research in related areas with the establishment idea of “foothold in Tianjin, introduction of intelligence and technology, demonstration for food industry and radiation over the world”. With the guidance of academic committee and the coordination of cooperation management team, three innovative research platforms have been set up including food processing energy-saving and emission reduction technology platform, non-traditional food processing technology platform, food processing and storage technology platform.

At present, the consortium contains 25 full-time staffs from four institutions, including 10 people from Tianjin University of Science and Technology, 3 from the Charles Sturt University, 2 from AINIA Center of the Spanish National Technology Innovation Alliance, 5 from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO, and 4 from University of Technology of Compiegne. The professional personnel have been organized by high-level professors and related international technology extension workers as the core. The center has carried on the mechanism and structure reform in the aspects of management operation, human resource management and personnel training, meanwhile, established the widely recognized coordinated organization management mode. It also has collected and integrated the resources effectively such as center platforms, laboratory equipment and book information, and established and implemented the resource aggregation and sharing, collaborative research and other mechanisms. All participating units and platforms have achieved collaborative innovation effects in the joint training of personnel, co-construction of laboratory, cooperation of project and sharing achievement.

Three innovative research platforms involved in food processing process have been built including energy-saving and emission reduction technology platform, non-traditional food processing new technology platform, food processing and storage technology platform. TUST made the effective corporation with the Spanish AINIA Technology Center in the field of food processing energy-saving and emission reduction technology, and cooperated with Tianjin traditional and famous food company (Goubu Li Food Co., Ltd) to co-apply and undertake the Sino European small and medium sized enterprises energy saving and emission reduction research cooperation projects in 2013, which have been cumulatively approved for 3 million yuan of state funds and attracted the investment (including self-financing part) above 12 million yuan. TUST starts a preliminary cooperation with University of Technology of Compiegne in the field of non-traditional food processing technology and achieves a good research results in the use of non-traditional processing technology in extraction of plant natural products with a number of papers published. TUST has been working closely with Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in the field of physical and chemical properties research of grain polysaccharide and other important grain and oil products. TUST has been currently discussing the second round cooperation program with the Australian Charles Sturt University after the successful completion of the first round communication and training of researchers.

In recent years, there has been close communication among the center staffs. Professor Zhou Zhongkai in TUST and relevant leaders, business people have the communication with Spanish AINIA Technology Center to achieve multi-field technically cooperation intentions. The Spain AINIA Technology Center has been committed to strengthening the international cooperation between AINIA and Asian region. The center leader Jorge Saludes visited some companies and research and development institutions three times in Tianjin in 2013. Dr. Wang Fang has conducted technical training and study in Australia from November 2013 to February 2014, and the results of cooperative research will be published in the near future. The center members also put efforts on propagating and introducing the center cooperation mechanism and successful experience by participating in international academic conferences and many other forms.