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 Training Objectives: The training of biotechnology program aims to provide biotechnological related bachelors with certain grasp of basic theories of the life sciences, systematically mastery of theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of modern food biotechnology and high moral level; to provide practice-oriented advanced professional personnel with strong ability in scientific research of modern biotechnology and technological development of agricultural products deep processing, who can engage in education, research, product development and management of agricultural and food industry as well as bio-pharmaceutical industry related enterprises, research institutes and administrative institution.

Program DurationFour years

Academic degreeBachelor of science

Core CoursesGeneral biology, Microbiology, Cell biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Principles of gene engineering, Bio-separation engineering, Enzyme engineering, Immunology, Food nutrition, Edible fungi, Postharvest physiology of fruits and vegetables, Biochemical experimental technology, Experimental techniques of molecular biology, Food microbiological detection technology

Career prospectGraduates can be engaged in biological and food relative education and research work at research institutes or higher colleges, also can do the technical or management work in agriculture, light industry, food, medicine and health products, feed, environmental protection, sanitary inspection and relative occupation. Students enrolled in this program can be further studied in the major or related disciplines at home or abroad. Those who have achieved excellent results may exempt from admission exam to enter the master's education or apply for master-doctor continuous study.