Food Quality and Safety

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Training Objectives: Through the training on backbone and characteristic courses of food quality and safety discipline, the program is aimed to cultivate high-level and high-quality technological and managerial talents with a solid knowledge base of food production, food nutrition, food safety, food quality control and other fields; plus strong skills of modern food quality and safety testing technology, process control, prevention and management technology; also being familiar with domestic and international food safety quality management system and standards. Graduates will be qualified in research and development or a technical management job relating to food nutrition and safety in food firms, inspection & quarantine, research institutes or a related field.
Program duration: Four years
Degree awarded: Bachelor of science
Core Courses: Food nutrition, Food safety, Food toxicology, Food regulations and standards, Risk assessment, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Food chemistry, Instrumental analysis, Food quality testing technology
Career prospect: Graduates are well competent to the various positions in food production enterprises, government departments, customs, commodity inspection, import and export inspection and quarantine bureau, food hygiene supervision and technical supervision department, food and medicine regulatory authority, research institutes and other departments. Students enrolled in this program can further pursue advanced degree, those who achieved excellent results may be recommend to postgraduate without entrance examination, some may achieve master-doctor continuous study or go abroad for further studies.