Food Science and Engineering

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Training Objectives: Based on the theory of chemistry, biology and engineering, the undergraduate major of food and science and engineering emphasizes both scientific theory and technological practice, and promotes innovative thinking and international perspective in students. Students are cultivated to have a firm knowledge base and process engineering techniques on food development, storage, processing, nutrition, health and safety, etc., to master the frontier theory and high techniques of food science, to be adapt to the socialist market economy and meet the needs of international competition and cooperation, and to demonstrate competency in food technology and engineering design, product development, quality management, production management and marketing.
Program duration: Four years
Degree awarded: Bachelor of engineering
Core Courses: Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Principles of chemical engineering、Food chemistry, Food nutrition, Principle of food processing, Food technology, Food biotechnology, Principle of functional foods
Career prospect:Graduates can engage in companies associated with food processing and manufacture, food machinery and equipment, food materials and ingredients, food logistics and marketing, etc.; in related research institute, designing institute, colleges & universities; and in economic management, public health, technical supervision, commodity inspection and trade departments targeted to food manufacturing. Students enrolled in this program can be further studied in the major or related disciplines at home or abroad. Those who have achieved excellent results may exempt from admission exam to get a master's degree or apply for master-doctor continuous study.