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TUST Commencement ceremony 2017 for graduates

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 TUST Commencement ceremony 2017 for graduates was held separately in the Binhai Campus and Hexi Campus on the morning of 29th, June. More than 5,000 undergraduates completed their studies at TUST and received Bachelor’s degrees. Li Xuyan, the Party Secretary of TUST, and Han Jinyu, the President of TUST, as well as other university leaders awarded degrees and certificates to the new graduates.



In the address at the Commencement ceremony for graduate students, President Han noted that graduation is not an end, but a new starting point for the next phase of the whole life. From today on, you all would become the alumni of TUST, which would remain your spirit home forever. Han also pinned his hopes on the graduating students: First, the graduates should bear the Chinese dream in their mind. As participants and witnesses of Chinese Dream, the graduates should give a full play to their talents in the process of pursuing Chinese Dream. Second, the graduates should shoulder the responsibility of realizing Chinese Dream. With the notion of “devoting to the nation, the university and the human beings ”, the graduates should assume the responsibility of giving filial piety to their family, of thriving on the society and the nation. Third, the graduates should be determined and persistent to realize the dream. Facing the gap between dream and reality, the graduates should learn to enjoy the twisted process of pursuing the dream, and to treasure the sweets and bitterness in it. 


At last, witnessed by other students and family members, professors awarded the degrees and turned the tassels for the graduating students.