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The College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology holds

the 2017 opening ceremony of postgraduate freshmen

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 In September 6th of 2017, The College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology held opening ceremony of 2017’s new graduate students in the second lecture hall. Yang Shufeng, Zhang Min, Hu Yu, Zhou Zhongkai, Li Wenzhao, Du Xinjun, all the representatives of teachers, and 250 graduate students attended the ceremony.

  Firstly, Dean of The College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Professor Zhang Min, introduced general information of the college, discipline and specialty, faculties, and teaching and scientific research to all of the new graduate students. He hoped that the students would carry forward the spirit of the college, which is “establishing first-class character, seeking first-class knowledge, and achieving first-class career”, and be strict with themselves.

 Secretary of the party committee of the College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Yang Shufeng, called on the new graduate students that the majority of them should treat scientific research with professional attitude. They should strictly request themselves who played a leading role with the standards of Party members. They should not live in the virtual world as a slave of the mobile phone, but try to achieve the qualified builders and reliable successors.

 The opening ceremony is an important lesson for the freshmen to start school. The graduate students were encouraged, their direction for the future was clarified. They said that they will meet the new life with full of spirit and positive attitude, diligent, and knowledgeable, and make contribution for the promising future of the College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology.