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The College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology and Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Launch Food Safety Week

Date:2017-07-06 | Source: | Author: | Page view:

In order to carry forward quality culture, advocate law-abiding and trustworthy, condense social consensus, and build the Great Wall of food safety, the College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology organized a colorful, diversified, widely participated Food Safety Week activities around the theme of "observe law and discipline, co governance and sharing food safety", and joined hands with the staff of Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to carry out food Safety preaching activities in our school in July 4th of 2017.

  Through posting banners, dissemination of publicity materials, to create a strong atmosphere of publicity, and to introduce how to identify true and false imported food for students. Also introduce how to identify if the foods were imported through regular channels, the unqualified foods were also exhibited by the staffs, and they helped students to identify the foods, finally give small gifts to the students.

It was hope that this activity could help students to understanding, focusing, and maintaining food quality and safety, and make a joint contribution to ensure the food safety.