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CFEB is actively conducting pre-evaluation in preparation for formal evaluation.

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 In order to strengthen the central position of talent cultivation, conduct comprehensive inspection, review, evaluation and construction, and accurately find out the problems in education and teaching, the school decided to carry out the preliminary evaluation of the examination and evaluation of undergraduate teaching on October 14-18. The college actively carried out pre-evaluation according to the deployment of the school.

In the preparation of the pre-evaluation, the college has prepared the self-evaluation reports, supporting materials, syllabus, examination papers and finished materials required for the pre-evaluation in advance, and organized the special person on duty to collect pre-evaluation materials during the evaluation period to check the pre-evaluation schedule, designed the route of expert visits, arranged conference rooms. The person in charge of the school is accompanied by the academic affairs office to inspect the practice base outside the school.

During the pre-evaluation period, professor Yang Qingxin, president of Tianjin University of Technology, and professor Zhou Zhiqiang, director of Development Planning and Discipline Construction Department of Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology visited the College. At the symposium, dean Zhang Min made the evaluation report, and then visited experts and college teachers to communicate with each other, and put forward some valuable suggestions.

This pre-evaluation is a comprehensive, systematic, in-depth and serious "physical examination" for the teaching work of the college from all aspects, multi-angles and multi-channels. The College will formulate practical and effective rectification measures to evaluate and promote the construction and reform, and make every effort to prepare for the upcoming undergraduate teaching audit and evaluation.