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Yang, Chen


Chen Yang

Ph.D, Lecture


Yifulou Building, College of Food Engineering & Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, TEDA, Tianjin, 300457, China




+86 022-60912574


Dr. Chen Yang is a Lecture of the college of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Dr. Yang completed Bachelor Degree in the Northeast Agriculture University at 2006, and then finished Master Degree in Gangneung Wonju National University in South Korea in 2009. Dr. Yang received her Ph.D from University of Alberta in Canada in 2016. Since 2017, Dr. Yang is employed by Tianjin University of Science & Technology as a Lecture. During her master and doctoral program, Dr. Yang published 8 scientific papers.

Research Interests

(1) Extraction, characterization, and bioactivities of biopolymers

Research focuses on fundamental understanding of the molecular structure and functional properties of biopolymers including proteins and polysaccharides extracted from plant resources.

(2) Protein networks (hydrogels, films, emulsions) formation

Research focuses on protein network formation, mechanism, and the correlation of their network microstructure to the properties, which enables a better understanding of structure and functionalities of protein networks.

(3) Plant protein based nutraceutical delivery systems

Research focuses on designing of plant protein based gel and micro/nanoparticles to encapsulate bioactive compounds, which are capable of protecting and delay sensitive bioactive compounds’ release in harsh stomach conditions, and then releasing them in the small intestine where they are absorbed.

Recent Publications

(1) Yang, C., Chung, D.H., You, S.G. 2008. Determination of physicochemical properties of sulphated fucans from sporophyll of Undaria pinnatifida using light scattering technique. Food Chemistry, 111, 503-507.

(2) Yang, C., Chung, D.H., Shin, I.S., Lee, H.Y., Kim, J.C., Lee, Y.J., You, S.G. 2008. Effects of molecular weight and hydrolysis conditions on anticancer activity of fucoidans from sporophyll of Undaria pinnatifida. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 43, 433-437.

(3) You, S.G., Yang, C., Lee, H.Y., Lee, B.Y. 2010. Molecular characteristics of partially hydrolyzed fucoidans from sporophyll of Undaria Pinnatifida and their in vitro anticancer activity. Food Chemistry, 119,554-559.

(4) Cho, M.L., Yang, C., Kim, S.M., You, S.G. 2010. Molecular characterization and biological activities of water soluble sulfated polysaccharides from Enteromorpha prolifera. Food Science and Biotechnoloy, 19, 525-533.

(5) Yang, C., Wang, Y., Vasanthan, T., Chen, L. 2014. Impacts of pH and heating temperature on formation mechanisms and properties of thermally induced canola protein gels. Food Hydrocolloids, 225-236.

(6) Jing, X., Yang, C., Zhang, L. 2016. Characterization and analysis of protein structures in oat bran. Journal of Food Science, 10.

(7) Yang, C., Wang, Y., Chen, L. 2017. Fabrication, characterization and bio-related applications of oat protein gels with percolating structure induced by cold gelation. Food Hydrocolloids, 21-34.

(8) Yang, C., Wang, Y., Lu, L., Unsworth, L., Guan, L. L., Chen, L. 2017. Oat protein-shellac beads: superior protection and delivery carriers for sensitive bioactive compounds. Food Hydrocolloids, xxx, 1-10.

Honors & Awards

l   2007-2009, Brain Korea 21 (BK 21) Scholarship Award.

l   2011, 2012 AFNS Entrance Tuition Award.

l   2013 AFNS PhD Scholarship.

l   2014 Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award.

l   2014 AFNS Graduate Student Travel Award.