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Guo, Honglian



Honglian Guo

Ph.D, Vice Professor



Yifulou Building, College of Food Engineering & Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, TEDA, Tianjin, 300457, China




+86 022-60912400


Dr. Honglian Guo is a Vice Professor of the college of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology since she come to here. She completed Bachelor and Master Degrees from Heilongjiang August-First Land Reclamation University at 1995 and 1998, received  doctoral degree from Shenyang Agricultal University at 2001 and then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Dalian Institute of Chemical and Physics, Chinese Academy of  Sciences. Since 2003, Dr. Guo is employed as a teacher to the undergraduate students on biological techniques and postharvest biology for postgraduate students.

Research Interests

- Biocontrol mechanism and application of postharvest disease

- Detection and identification of spoilage organisms species in food processing chain

- Induced resistance or fungicides/ antagonisitic strain on post-harvest fruit and vegetable

- Development of polysaccharides and microbiomes

Recent Publications

[1] Honglian Guo,Zijuan Xing,et al.2017,Effectiveness of preharvest application of submicron chitosan dispersions for controlling Alternaria rot in postharvest jujubefruit. Journal of Phytopathology ,2017,8:425-431

[2] Honglian guo, Haiyang zhao, Yuanyuan Sun. Identification of cell apoptosis morphology induced by oligosaccharides. Advanced Materials Research. 2012(393-395) : 805-808

[3] Honglian Guo, yang Cui Y,Enlong Zhu. Song Zhiyuan,Wang chengxin. 2015. Effect of antagonistic yeast Pichia membranaefaciens on black spot decay of postharvest broccoli. Eur. J. plant pathol.10:373-383

[4] Honglian Guo, B.Y.Wang, L.Li, Y.F.Hu. Postharvest Disease of Lingwu Changzao(Ziziphus. Jujuba Mill) fruit and the effect of biocontrol agent on fruit decay. Acta Horticultural, 2010,840:475-478

Honors & Awards

ü   3rd Scientific and Technological Progress Award from Tianjin City

ü   3rd Scientific and Technological Progress Award from Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology

ü    Postdoctoral fellow sponsorship from Tianjin Education Commission 

ü   visiting scholar sponsorship from Tianjin University of Science and Technology


 Plant Biology, General EcologyPostharvest Biology